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Truncated results graph/data

Discussion of the Weather34 web site template

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Truncated results graph/data

Post by pblake »


Like the look of the Weather 34 template so installed it for own Website.
URL is http://www.sheffieldweather.online running on an Ubuntu server.
(No https as yet)

Running latest version of Cumulus MX v.3.0.0 build 3050
Currently connected to Weather Underground and UK Met Office (POW) without any issues.

We are having issues with the viewing of the daily results on the various pop up graphs.
Checking the logs/programs the missing data that is called via the API from WU.

Looking at the data sets stored in /chartswudata the data seems to cut off at 5:09 to 8:09 AM BST. (it does vary)

Time stamp on the ddmmyyyyy.txt file in this directory matches the upload time but the last entry in the file seems to missing the relevant lines of data.

The API pulls from the weather underground are all showing as correct with no errors.


Current PHP version is : 7.0.33-0ubuntu0.16.04.2

The diags passses the checks. diags.php Version 1.01 - 11-Apr-2019

Initially thought it was an issue with permissions in the /chartswudata directory as the new files it creates each day after call to present the graph creates ddmmyyyy.txt file.
Have set the write permissions to full on these directories for all users.

The date & time is being touched on the file after a call for the graph so it is pulling back a request but it is dropping data at only 5-8 hours of details been viewed / saved in the files.

e.g. file stamp is 07/08/2019 - 17:45 NOW but last entry is this morning.
2019-08-07 05:29:58,14,12,994.82,WSW,241,3,7,91,0,n/a,n/a,0,0,n/a,2019-08-07T04:29:58Z
2019-08-07 05:34:58,14,12,994.92,WSW,246,3,7,91,0,n/a,n/a,0,0,n/a,2019-08-07T04:34:58Z

We have experimented with amending the frequency of sending data to weather underground but does not seem to make a difference.

We are not using the Cumulus internal FTP system as our site only allow SCP or SFTP.
The relevant files (wxnow.txt and realtime.txt) are being created very minute and uploaded the same with a WINSCP batch transfer.

It is just the graphs that aren't working.

Any ideas would be appreciated?

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