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Blank after configuring

Discussion of the Weather34 web site template

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Blank after configuring

Post by HansR » Thu 13 Jun 2019 7:15 am

I am trying out the Weather34 site template but I run into a problem.

I install by copying all files to my websiteroot - it is outside my cumulus system which runs on a raspberry and realtime.txt is transferred OK. I run the configuration. I skip the database (is that compulsory?) but fill in everything else. after this is all done, I save the configuration and the screen goes blank. Refresh, reload, exit browser and restart, nothing works. I can't get back into the configuration nor the index. The site hangs and I am left to delete the whole thing and start again. I did this twice, don't feel like trying again.

If the database is compulsory, do I need to upload into the database directly from Cumulus (on the Raspberry)?
Hans Rottier

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Re: Blank after configuring

Post by PaulMy » Thu 13 Jun 2019 12:59 pm

Hi Hans,
No, you do not need to use the DB and settings to use the template with Cumulus. The current conditions come from Cumulus realtime.txt so it is important to get that path correct.

After the files are FTP to your site and after completing the various settings (you may need to get APIs from the third party services as indicated in the settings), as you indicate you have done, it should work. I have been using and installing various versions of the template for nearly 4 years and have not had the blank screen issue.

Sorry I can't be of help on the lock up issue.


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