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Revamped Weather Website using MX Cumulus and MODX CMS

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Revamped Weather Website using MX Cumulus and MODX CMS

Post by GavinBaylis »

I've been running a website on the South Coast at Worthing for well over 25 years, I was uploading weather data and a webcam image back in the days of 14.4 modems!

The site is mainly used by wind and kitesurfers, and over the years has had various iterations.

I came back from the French Alps 8 days ago and was in self-isolation / quarantine, so what better time to finally get my head around Cumulus.

I have to admit to probably downloading Cumulus a couple of years ago, but was concerned about switching from USB to Serial using the Davis Utility and losing all connectivity.

So I finally bit the bullet, and ended up doing a complete redesign of my site.

The back-end CMS is an old version of MODX, I used a template I know well as I design sites, but bringing in the MX Cumulus content was challenging to say the least!

But I'm very pleased with the end result and so are my end-users!

Though think there are a few issues with conflicting JavaScripts possibly Google Ads !!??

From this page you can access the other pages using elements of the functionality.

https://www.anotherharddayattheoffice.c ... ercam.html

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Re: Revamped Weather Website using MX Cumulus and MODX CMS

Post by mcrossley »

Looking good except for the Yesterday page which does not load any data for me.

You may be interested in uploading to Windguru - map - which was enabled in the last release. It is fairly unique in giving a "gustiness" indicator, with min, max, avg , and gusty values for each wind reading (open the stations from the map).

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Re: Revamped Weather Website using MX Cumulus and MODX CMS

Post by HansR »

Looks good (also yesterday page)
But I also read google ads. Although I don't see any ads - you apparently intend to use google ads.
That leads me to the remark that you have to check you compoiance with the highcharts license. Maybe you bought a license but in the context of cumulus all site are on the non-commercial license And I see you use the standard CMX charts. Don't know if it's a big deal. Just saying.

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