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Customised "Current Data" page

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Customised "Current Data" page

Post by sfws »

My "Current Data" page is attached.
Don't take it as "perfect", it is just an experiment to see what edits work (adding temperature trend over 3 hours does) or don't work(adding temperature trend over 1 hour does not), and I post it simply to give you inspiration.
You will see I added "Beaufort" and "BeaufortDesc", as well as that 3-hour temperature trend. If you want to see what "id=xxx" you can use, look at https://github.com/cumulusmx/CumulusMX/ ... aStruct.cs where the data structure is declared. Obviously, don't get confused as that list includes those that are "current" and those that are "today" or other periods.

Please note, the standard Now page fails to show the degree symbol for wind bearing after the first update by the Ajax

Code: Select all

<td><span id="BearingCP">&deg;</span></td>
causes the symbol to be overwritten by the compass point when the JavaScript replaces the span element. See in my file you can download above how the degree symbol should be moved to previous table cell and placed outside the span. Note that for consistency, I have all units shown in same cell as the value in my version of this "Current Data" page.

As I typed in the Wiki article I updated about "Cumulus MX" re customising the admin interface, it is best left alone, instead use your own web pages to see the figures that you want to see, if you don't like the admin interface with those figures Mark has chosen to include/exclude, the admin interface is a set of integrated files and playing with one individual file (like this HTML page) might upset others. My experiments with the MX interface were just that experiments to help me understand how it worked, so I got my words in the Wiki right, and so I can help others when they ask a question about the interface in this support forum.

I back up my edited file with another name, this means it won't be lost when I load a new release distribution over the existing one. I don't edit the navigation, so I do actually use my file with the original name of "now.html" because then the existing navigation on all pages will find my edited version. Don't forget to preserve beforehand a copy of the original "now.html" elsewhere, as I do. Obviously there have been updates since I originally produced this edit, and I incorporate any extras added in new releases into my file and update the zip attached, so anybody who downloaded the original zip might find a newer version has appeared since then (with the download count reset to zero)!

One more point, although this works on my wide screen monitor on my pc and on the smaller screen of my mobile, the humidity table moves between those 2 views, I would have liked it to stay below the temperature table! The fact that it moves reveals I do not yet understand the responsive elements of how this page is split into multiple levels of <div></div>. HTML 5 provides ways to make the structure so much clearer with <nav> </nav>, <article> </article>, <section> </section>, and so many more groupings, it is a shame that the original of this page uses only what was available in older HTML. Notice that in my version I use the HTML5 groupings as they are supposed to be used, and this makes my structure much more clearer!
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