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Colors and fonts

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Colors and fonts

Post by Texsky »

Hi to all,

I would like to fiddle around with changing some of the fonts, and perhaps colors, on the Dashboard and chart line colors(primarily temperatures) on the Charts page. First of all, is this possible? And if it is, would someone point me in the direction on how to accomplish such things.


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Re: Colors and fonts

Post by water01 »

All the files for the CumulusMX interface are in a folder called interface within the folder you put the unpacked zip file into.

You can alter these as much as you like to get your interface to look like you want to, BUT and it is a big but, this interface changes quite regularly with each build so as with any changes you will have to install them in the new release, so make sure you follow good programming practise and annotate your modifications so you can redo them when they change.

For instance in the last build the developers comments on the interface were "\interface\<too much to list, just replace the lot!>", so if you made a lot of amendments you would have to completely redo them on the new folder in the build.

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Re: Colors and fonts

Post by Goldguru »

I too was having difficulty seeing the yellow line in the charts for indoor temp.(color blind)
today I found a way to manipulate the colors for temp,humidity,inside temp etc.

open station settings/graphs/Data Series Visibility
in there untick @ least 4 entries & save (leave the most usefull lines ticked)
Yellow is the (in my case) 5th color assigned to the graph.
untick/select a line your dont care to observe heatindex,etc & save again

you need to leave 1 selection unticked or Yellow will be reasigned back to indoor temp, if your retick all selections.
I can live without heatindex or humidex here.
indoor temp will have a new color assigned.

with 7 of the 8 ticked for me yellow is assigned to "feels like" & seems to be more easily seen when mixed in rather than alone @ the top of the chart.


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