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APRS Internet Beacon

Posted: Mon 30 Jan 2017 5:41 pm
by kjunkin260
Is there any way to modify the CumulusMX interal file, or beacon statement that generates the weather data being transmitted to APRS-IS servers. My station is connected to APRS-IS with my ham callsign, and then a IGate picks up the online beacon, and transmitts it over the APRS frequency. The question is this. On the tail end of the beacon there is "eCumulusDsVP". Is there a way to edit that portion of the beacon, or even add to the beacon line. I don't have it going through an APRS software to use the wxnow.txt file to transmitt. Just want to add a site location to the beacon stream.

Re: APRS Internet Beacon

Posted: Thu 02 Feb 2017 4:28 pm
by steve
No, sorry, that's not possible.