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Cannot Upload Realtimegauges.txt file

From build 3044 the development baton passed to Mark Crossley. Mark has been responsible for all the Builds since. He has made the code available on GitHub. It is Mark's hope that others will join in this development, but at the very least he welcomes your ideas for future developments (see Cumulus MX Development suggestions).

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Cannot Upload Realtimegauges.txt file

Post by trevbrp » Tue 07 Jan 2020 10:30 pm


I was using CumulusMX 3 or so years ago, but it stopped working for me and as much as i tried I couldn't get it working again. I have tried to get Cumulus back up, but I am still unable to get the realtimegauges.txt to upload to my web server. I continually see the following in the log:-

2020-01-07 21:09:56.257 Attempting realtime FTP connect
2020-01-07 21:10:11.599 Error connecting ftp - Timed out trying to read data from the socket stream!
2020-01-07 21:10:11.600 Starting Realtime timer, interval = 10 seconds
2020-01-07 21:10:11.600 Normal running
2020-01-07 21:10:11.692 Start normal reading loop
2020-01-07 21:10:31.753 Warning, previous realtime ftp still in progress, skipping this period.

ftp log shows the following: (server address removed)

# Connect()
Status: Connecting to
Status: Disposing FtpSocketStream...

2020-01-07 21:26:36.441 Uploading web\realtimegauges.txt to /Cumulus/realtimegauges.txt

# OpenWrite("/Cumulus/realtimegauges.txttmp", Binary)

# Connect()
Status: Connecting to
Status: Disposing FtpSocketStream...

Even setting up a new install, the above is what I see.

Any clues what could be causing this issue ?


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Re: Cannot Upload Realtimegauges.txt file

Post by mcrossley » Wed 08 Jan 2020 4:32 pm

The obvious answer is that you have the ftp server details incorrectly set in your configuration.

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