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    New Station Addition.

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    New Station Addition.

    Post by Phil23 » Wed 18 Sep 2019 2:27 am

    I've seen a few mentions of new station support being added to MX & I understand Mark's comments on needing a documented API as well as test hardware.

    I have no need to replace my Davis, but often think it would be good to play with a 2nd station on an rPi & experiment a bit.

    Maybe an approach would to make a short list of potential stations for consideration in a couple of different price brackets.
    I know a colour display could be an appeal.

    If Mark was to consider adding one or two of the listed suggestions, my thought would be to setup a Donate link to provide full funding for purchase of at least one station
    (and maybe a 2nd if other parties are involved), as well as some token excess cash to contribute to his efforts.

    I'd have no issue dropping a few bucks towards the addition of an appealing model.

    Just thinking out loud.



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