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Cumulus log file format on Raspberry Pi

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Adrian Hudson
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Cumulus log file format on Raspberry Pi

Post by Adrian Hudson »

I run Cumulus MX on a RPI where it creates text files in the unix style (line endings just LF).

I have a Windows PC which wakes up periodically to run WXSIM. It copies the latest log file from the RPI and uses it in making a weather forecast. This part runs fine (wxsimate is happy with the unix style files).

Once a day the PC wakes up and copies the latest log file to use during wxsim's autolearn utility. Autolearn doesn't like the unix style files so I have knocked up a little utility to convert the files to windows style line endings.

All is happiness and light...

...except. I would really like the files to be in Windows style so that if the Pi were ever to fail and I needed to get Cumulus MX up and running, the files would be already in Windows style in the external backup I have going on.

Is there any way that Cumulus MX, running under mono on the Pi can be convinced to write its log files in Windows CRLF line ending format - does anyone know?

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Re: Cumulus log file format on Raspberry Pi

Post by rogerthn »

Maybe you could try

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sudo apt-get install dos2unix

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Re: Cumulus log file format on Raspberry Pi

Post by mcrossley »

I pretty sure that CumulusMX (or .Net routines) itself doesn't care, you can run it on Windows with data files created on Linux.

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