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Post by andrea_iw2ntf » Mon 12 Aug 2019 4:24 pm

Hello everyone!

I created a new image, with the new Raspy 10 BUSTER, however it seems there is a problem in the management of the log.
Version: Raspbian Buster Lite V. 20/06/2019 (and 10/07/2019) & Cumulus MX Release 3.0.0 b3050
This involves problems with graphics, and NOAA file management.

When the raspberry is restarted, a NUL line is created.
The line is very long, after the NUL series a data string appears. But cumulus goes wrong. Test done with raspy Pi0W and Pi2b.

This happens to me because every night, I restart the raspberry. Or if I restart it to do tests.

Pay attention that before the restart, the command is launched

sudo /home/pi/CumulusMX/cumulusmx.sh -q
sudo shutdown -r now

this to avoid a sudden closure of cumulus.

What do you suggest ????

Thank you!

andrea iw2ntf
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Post by ExperiMentor » Sat 24 Aug 2019 6:26 pm

I'm using a similar setup - RPi Zero W, CumulusMX and a scheduled daily reboot at 0253

I recently changed From Stretch to Buster, and from an earlier CumulusMX build to 3050,

I have no such similar problem. In these examples, the RPi rebooted between the lines shown
With the old system:

Code: Select all

and with the new:

Code: Select all

I don't know what your shutdown script (cumulusmx.sh) contains. It's not part of the distribution - so must be something you've added and may be the cause of your problem?

All I do is run the standard reboot command

Code: Select all

sudo reboot
from my crontab without stopping CumulusMX first. I believe this properly closes all running programs (or at least it tells them to close - but will still reboot if something has crashed).

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