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Notice for those using MX and making some MySQL changes

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Notice for those using MX and making some MySQL changes

Post by BigOkie » Thu 09 Aug 2018 12:33 pm

Thought I would document a defect I found (don't worry Steve I'm not calling for a fix, just noting for other users) that involves decommisioning MySQL in MX.

Last week I took my MySQL server offline while I shuffle hardware around. In doing so, I deactivated MySQL on MX (obviously) and blanked out every field. It appears that MX changes the port value to '-1' when blanking out all fields. Over the course of the following days I noticed my hi/low values were not being updated in today.ini properly. I thought maybe I had a faulty disk (RPI3, so I thought maybe the SD card was going bad) so I did some moving and swapping. Nothing.

Finally, I started MX manually (I had been allowing the script provided in the forum to start it) and it threw an exception related to MySQL and a port value I think. I was so tired doing it I didn't copy it down.

I went back to my backup config files from before and though "populate port field with the MySQL default (3306)". I did that and restarted and all was well.

So note: even if you are not running a mysql server, it appears that the default port value needs to be in there (or ostensibly some other non zero or non negative value) or you may have problems starting MySQL, as well as freezing your high/low values at the point before you set the port value to the zero or negative value)

Just a heads up to those who may have had issue with this.

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Re: Notice for those using MX and making some MySQL changes

Post by steve » Thu 09 Aug 2018 12:56 pm

It's because it initialises the objects for the 'custom' sql operations without checking that 'enabled' is set, which it does for the 'non custom' ones. I'm not sure why I didn't put the check in, but presumably the component code throws an exception if an invalid port number is supplied.

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