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Updating from Cumulus 1 to CumulusMX

Posted: Sun 15 Apr 2018 6:36 pm
by geoffw
After months of my favourite weather station software getting less and less reliable and not finding an answer, I decided it was time to leave Cumulus 1.9 & take the plunge with MX or find something else. Well, it has been an up and down week as I move the data from June 2009 to MX followed by restoring my website and finally getting the webcam working again. Fingers crossed I seem to have managed it. I had considerable difficulties with the webcam and IP addresses, with the browser interface stubbornly losing contact with its data for long periods a couple 'agonising' of times.

However, I managed (not always sure how exactly) to solve most of the glitches, and it has to be said the Cumulus Console has worked a treat all the way through. It has not once lost contact with the weather station or mangled the data since it took over from Cumulus 1.9.

All I have to do now is to hunt down some rogue record readings and work out how one edits the Dayfile.text file and the records. You used to be able to do that within Cumulus 1.9, but I can't find that feature in the current interface.

Re: Updating from Cumulus 1 to CumulusMX

Posted: Sun 15 Apr 2018 9:41 pm
by sfws
Cumulux MX does not have log file editor. The Wiki FAQ does give lots of guidance re rogue values, otherwise see exchanges in other topics on this forum.

Re: Updating from Cumulus 1 to CumulusMX

Posted: Mon 16 Apr 2018 6:56 am
by geoffw
I suspected this was the case!