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Easiest way to integrate data into home automation

Discussion of version 3 of Cumulus, which runs on Windows, Linux, and OS X. All Cumulus MX queries in here, please.

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Easiest way to integrate data into home automation

Post by GekoDiveBali » Sun 11 Mar 2018 4:10 am

Hi all,
I've been using Cumulus (non MX) to feed weather data into my website in the past. Now I'm looking at integrating the weather data from Cumulus MX into my home automation software, namely Home Assistant. The idea is to run Cumulus MX either on a Windows PC or, preferably, as a docker file on a linux NAS (Syno). I've got 2 different base stations with USB ports grabbing the sensor data. Only the old one seems to work with Cumulus (non MX), so I guess that's the one I'll be using for this project. The newly purchased one works with software like Weathersmart, but that does not allow me to push data to my own server...

Has anyone else already gone that road? How did you do this? Any tips before I get cracking?
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Re: Easiest way to integrate data into home automation

Post by jokerboy » Wed 14 Mar 2018 11:07 pm


I'm using Samsung Smarthings for home automation. I didn't attempt to integrate with Cumulus, however, there's some shared code (smartthings calls them device handlers) that allows for pulling my weather station information, that I uploaded, from Weather Underground.

It also allows me to grab forecast info from WU if I want it.

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Re: Easiest way to integrate data into home automation

Post by jpsc » Fri 16 Mar 2018 1:19 pm

Investigate Domoticz, it's free and open source.


I have it running on a Raspberry Pi and talking to my Honeywell evohome system and Weather Underground, but I believe it will run on Windows.
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