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weather data not current?

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weather data not current?

Post by acatalano » Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:30 am

I had been having problems with my SD cards lasting only 10 months or so, so I decided to get a larger 32Gb card and upgrade the software too. I have an RPi 2 that had been running my Vantage Pro2 via a Vantage Vue (USB) on Raspian "Wheezy" for well over a year very reliably.

So I installed Raspian "Jessie", setup Cumulus as a service along with my webcam program etc., My first mistake was holding onto my Cumulus.ini file and webfiles and reusing them. Had to remove CumulusMX and its folders and start over.

I am using the Saratoga Templates (yes I already asked over there), and am creating and uploading Realtime.txt & CUtags.txt to my website apcat.org. This seems to happen OK, although the "Not Current" message is frequently displayed even when within the upload interval.

However the larger issue is the "Cumulus Weather Data" field. This is never current and the elapsed time and date are nonsensical. I don't know what is responsible for this issue. What component of the data is responsible? The "station system up" and "last started" are zero and also I'm unaware of how to correct these problems.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
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