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MX connect to Davis Envoy via Com3

Discussion of version 3 of Cumulus, which runs on Windows, Linux, and OS X. All Cumulus MX queries in here, please.
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MX connect to Davis Envoy via Com3

Post by WxMan » Sat Nov 26, 2016 3:11 am

Any help appreciated. From FAQ below it looks like I'm SOL.

I'm run Windows 10 on an atom processor, used as my daily interface to the world. I cannot run Davis WeatherLink for some reason, but CAN run the Davis weather DTU program using the USB bridge CP210X drivers set to COM3 and collecting from the ENVOY.

Cumulus looks like nice piece of collaborative software, mostly written by Steve from what I can tell. I'd like to give it a try if I can make a connection. I'll also be attempting a PI2 config later to the Envoy.

You should now run Weatherlink, and attempt to connect to the weather station in serial mode. Weatherlink should find the appropriate COM port number automatically. If not, you can find it under 'Ports (COM & LPT)' in the Windows device manager. Look for the port called 'USB Serial Port (COMn)', where 'n' is a number. That's the number of the port you need to use in Weatherlink. If you cannot get Weatherlink to work using this virtual COM port, it is unlikely that you will be able to get Cumulus to work either, so either contact Davis support, explaining that you are trying to use the virtual serial port drivers because you want to run third-party software, or ask in the Cumulus forum, someone may be able to advise.

Once you have Weatherlink connected and working via the virtual serial port, close it down, and start Cumulus.

In the station settings in Cumulus, select the appropriate station type for your station; under 'VP Type' select Serial; in the serial port section enter the COM port number that you found earlier. You may need to restart Cumulus at this point. It will then start displaying live data. Note that the it deliberately does not download any historical logger data from before the current point in time. When you run it subsequently, it will download logger data to catch up if necessary from when you last ran it, but never from earlier than when you first ran it.

If you still having difficulty, the Davis Weatherlink manual offers this advice, which may be useful:

"Included with the WeatherLink software is a utility that allows you to convert a USB data logger from a direct USB data logger back to a USB data logger that emulates the serial port. To use this utility, select Convert USB to Virtual Serial in your WeatherLink program group on the Start menu of your computer (Start>AllPrograms>WeatherLink>Convert USB to Virtual Serial) and run the utility to convert your data logger. Please contact Davis Technical Support (“Contacting Davis Technical Support” on page 26) for more information."

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