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Re: Cumulus MX Announcements and Download - PLEASE READ FIRST

Posted: Sat 14 Jan 2017 4:51 pm
by steve
I've uploaded build 3042 (reminder: it's an attachment in the first post this thread) which has the following enhancements and fixes:
  • A Cumulus.ini setting to turn off the 'extra' decimal place in pressure values on Davis stations. To limit the pressure to 1 decimal for mb/hPa and 2 for inHg, add the following to the [Station] section of Cumulus.ini:

  • MX now automatically processes and uploads the realtimegauges.txt file, so you don't need to add it as an extra file. Can be turned off in the internet settings.
  • Extra diagnostics when Davis archive reading thread terminates abnormally
  • Implemented "TempMult2" second order caibration setting, as in Cumulus 1.9.4 (set via Cumulus.ini only)
  • Implemented forcing of more frequent barometer updates on Davis stations (set via Cumulus.ini only - ForceVPBarUpdate=1 in [Station] section). Note that this is only useful on very old versions of the console firmware.
  • Sunshine hours incremented correctly using Davis archive data
  • Improve Heat Index calculation (added "Rothfusz adjustments")
  • Probably other changes which I've missed
Please note that I am unable to do as much testing myself as I have done previously. Apologies in advance for any problems, please report any issues in the forum.

Files changed since build 3041:


Note: the zip file has an extra CumulusMXDist3042 subfolder in it, which is unintentional. If upgrading, make sure you copy the contents of that CumulusMXDist3042 folder into your installation, don't create an extra subfolder under your existing installation.

Re: Cumulus MX Announcements and Download - PLEASE READ FIRST

Posted: Fri 20 Jan 2017 6:44 pm
by steve
I've uploaded build 3043 (reminder: it's an attachment in the first post this thread) which fixes a problem introduced in build 3042. The new code to automatically process and upload the realtimegauges.txt file interfered with the processing of other files, causing 'web tag error' messages in the diags file, and the failure to process the file.

Files changed since build 3042:


Re: Cumulus MX Announcements and Download - PLEASE READ FIRST

Posted: Fri 07 Dec 2018 9:17 am
by mcrossley
A toe in the water! :lol:
This is a test of my build process and understanding of parts of the code as much as anything.

Full credit to Steve for making his source code available.

I will be making the updated source available - probably on Githhub - when I've worked out some details.

I've uploaded build 3044, the changes from 3043 are
  • Updated the HidSharp package to ver 2.0.5
    - Now uses libudev1 for Fine Offset and WMR200 stations, removing previous restriction of using libudev0 on Linux
  • Added new solar calculation method "Bras"
    - Updated the Interface web files to reflect the new settings.
    - New Cumulus.ini entries...

    Code: Select all

    SolarCalc=0    		(0=Ryan-Stolzenbach, 1=Bras, default=0)
    BrasTurbidity=2   	(atmospheric turbidity factor (2=clear, 5=smoggy, default=2)
  • Fixed corrupt/missing MySQL port causing CumulusMX to crash on startup
  • Updated the default forum URL to it's new home
  • Updated included website files to new URL
  • URL encode Twitter messages (I know Twitter is largely broken)
  • Davis VP2 - (Steve Loft) Added sanity checks for invalid wind speed/direction values
  • Davis VP2 - Added automatic disabling of the use of LOOP2 packets on firmware versions < 1.90
  • Change RG11 devices to use a new Cumulus.ini file entry. The previous MX builds would not work on Linux.
    For example:

    Code: Select all

    RG11port=2   (depreciated)
    RG11port2=3 use

    Code: Select all

    RG11portName=COM2   (for Windows or /dev/ttyUSB2 for Linux)
    RG11portName2=COM3   (for Windows or /dev/ttyUSB3 for Linux)
  • The default Comm port values are now set to either COM1 or /dev/ttyUSB0 depending on the platform. Hopefully this will prevent some of the confusion of new users.
The download link is on the first post of this thread. Build 3043 will remain available for now in case there are major issues with this release.