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New template: Weather Sky!

Discussion of Jacques DesRoches's web site templates

Moderator: JacquesD

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Re: New template: Weather Sky!

Post by duke » Fri 17 Aug 2012 8:54 am

.. persuasion through facts should be the approach taken
Were the facts not posted in an earlier post? And the solution?
//-- Section WEBTAGS without COMMAS --
$RCdew = <#RCdew>;
$RCheatindex = <#RCheatindex>;
$RChum = <#RChum>;
$RCinhum = <#RCinhum>;
$RCintemp = <#RCintemp>;
$RCpress = <#RCpress>;
$RCpressTH = <#RCpressTH>;
$RCpressTL = <#RCpressTL>;
$RCrfall = <#RCrfall>;
$RCrrate = <#RCrrate>;
$RCrrateTM = <#RCrrateTM>;
$RCtemp = <#RCtemp>;
$RCtempTH = <#RCtempTH>;
$RCtempTL = <#RCtempTL>;
$RCwchill = <#RCwchill>;
$RCwgust = <#RCwgust>;
$RCwgustTM = <#RCwgustTM>;
$RCwspeed = <#RCwspeed>;
To prevent/remove the error message, the tags have to be included between single or double quotes:
//-- Section WEBTAGS without COMMAS --
$RCdew = '<#RCdew>';
$RCheatindex = '<#RCheatindex>';
$RChum = '<#RChum>';
$RCinhum = '<#RCinhum>';
$RCintemp = '<#RCintemp>';
$RCpress = '<#RCpress>';
$RCpressTH = '<#RCpressTH>';
$RCpressTL = '<#RCpressTL>';
$RCrfall = '<#RCrfall>';
$RCrrate = '<#RCrrate>';
$RCrrateTM = '<#RCrrateTM>';
$RCtemp = '<#RCtemp>';
$RCtempTH = '<#RCtempTH>';
$RCtempTL = '<#RCtempTL>';
$RCwchill = '<#RCwchill>';
$RCwgust = '<#RCwgust>';
$RCwgustTM = '<#RCwgustTM>';
$RCwspeed = '<#RCwspeed>';

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Re: New template: Weather Sky!

Post by mcrossley » Fri 17 Aug 2012 9:12 am

Isn't the problem that PHP should not ever be parsing the source file with the Cumulus tags in it? PHP should only parse the file once Cumulus has processed it and replaced the tags with numeric values - then there will be no errors generated. It is the same as expecting HTML with embedded tags to validate - it does not make sense, it is the post-processed HTML that needs to validate.

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Re: New template: Weather Sky!

Post by JacquesD » Fri 17 Aug 2012 12:34 pm

Hi Duke,

This "bug" was present only 1h, because I haven't use the most recent version of wt_data_inc.php
when I launched it. This bug was discovered only when modifying code to make the bug appered,
but bug was already solved, zip file updated and update available on user's TMM.

I'm using a really different approach as I included my "Template Manager Module" to do things
in a new way, As pros we can want to have "hands in the mud", but those templates are geared to
dummies and users needing to be guided. Then no new zip file to analyse to find THE file that has been
upgraded.. or unzip all and live with the trouble of messed-up your things.

Approach now is:
1 - Find bug
2 - Inform me by posting
3 - I take action fast
4 - Corrected file available in TMM
5 - Zip file is updated.

Then, now I don't talk about a bug for weeks anymore! When I take note of a correction to do,
time was about 1h to have new file in TMM.

For now, in TMM:
- Weather Sky has 1 file update
- Weather Blues v2 has 5 files to update.

Then, please, update!


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Re: New template: Weather Sky!

Post by darc » Thu 06 Sep 2012 11:18 am

I have just got onto this post and I can say I am boiling up with some of the comments made it must be so good to be perfect I bow down to all thows perfect people out there how dare they publicly have a go at people whom are only trying to make a difference with
the noledge they have, everyone makes mistakes as Rob says microsoft and others make mistakes I run windows seven I still recieve fixes for that and I paid good money for that o/s I cant even get to grips with getting my webcam working via yawcam and my site there are lots on here who have tried to help I surpose what I am trying to say is Jacques and the team are doing a fantastic job what they dont need is some hi and mighty putting them down for it I think you should really find another forum to join or even start one yourself my opinion sorry Jacques and team keep up the good work.

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Re: New template: Weather Sky!

Post by JacquesD » Mon 03 Dec 2012 3:29 pm


As many template users are excited by new webtags in Cumulus beta v1.9.3
and a little frustrated that I'm waiting that 1.9.3 become official. I've decided
to do a "month patch" for all templates available.

Weather Sky was the last one to wait for that patch, then this morning,
I've launched this long awaited page. You will see that this page merge Records
and Monthly Records in one page, you can simply choose period as a particular
month or click on "All time".

You can see step-by-step installation guide on this link:

Now all templates are "patched" for v1.9.3:
- Sunny Weather
- Weather Blues v1 & v2
- Weather Sky

Also, Weather Sunset is natively v1.9.3 compatible
(Not just "patched" for month records, all new webtags included)

Hope you'll enjoy,

Best regards,

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