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Interested to particiipate in translations?!

Discussion of Jacques DesRoches's web site templates

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Interested in translation?

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Re: Interested to particiipate in translations?!

Post by steve » Sat 18 Aug 2012 10:46 am

iw2mvs wrote:But, the translation of words inside the program?
That's the purpose of strings.ini. If it isn't in strings.ini, it can't be changed in Cumulus itself. Cumulus was never intended to be multi-lingual, I've just hacked in a few strings that can be changed.

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Re: Interested to particiipate in translations?!

Post by JacquesD » Sat 18 Aug 2012 2:51 pm

Hi Luigi,

For dates, you could use Cumulus "format" parameter, like this:

<#TpressH format="à h'h'nn, 'le' d mmmm yyyy">

and obtain this result, in French :
à 6h34, le 10 avril 2022

Also, if you are using a php template, I include a .zip file to replace yours.
I've tried to adress this problem by adding some webtags ending with "F"
$YearHumLF, $YearGustHF, $MonthTempLF, formatted wit these options:

$to = utf8_encode("to "); // Ex: to 20 may
$pre_time = utf8_encode("at "); // Ex: at 10:45
$pre_date = utf8_encode(" on "); // Ex: on 25 may
$only_date = utf8_encode("On "); // Ex: On 25 may
and as you see it support utf-8 for all foreign languages.

Hope this will help:

Best regards,
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