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WeatherBlues V1 + XP Pro SP3 + Crashing

Posted: Tue 12 Nov 2013 9:16 pm
by romseyrob
I had a go at installing this on my XP Pro SP3 netbook.
I have been running cumulus for a couple of years now, and really liked the look of this template.
I originally started with the V2 template, but VirginMedia site threw up loads of errors when I tried to view the site - is there an issue with them allowing me to use php or something?

Anyway, I reverted to the V1 template, and all appeared well initially, but when I view my page I see that the last update date/time has fallen behind, and when I remote into the netbook, I see an error along the lines of "The System has recovered from a serious error" message.

Are other people experiencing instability with this, or is it just me? The laptop does/runs nothing else - it was just a cheap Dell Mini10v I bought from ebay with a broken screen, which I thought would be perfect to run in a permanent "lid down" install plugged into my fine offset N96GY station.