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Saratoga Base-USA updated Radar scripts

Discussion of Ken True's web site templates

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Saratoga Base-USA updated Radar scripts

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Thanks to some feedback from lddaly, the WU-radar-inc.php (V1.14) was updated to remove all the 'dead' WeatherUnderground additional maps and just retain the ones that are still working. This script is among the oldest as a port from Tom's script back in January, 2008. Since WU seems bent on discontinuing much of the old WU functionality, I think using WU for radar/maps will likely be deprecated in the future.

Based on that, I asked Jerry Wilkins (https://www.gwwilkins.org/) if he'd mind if his wxusradar-hanis3 scripts could be added to Base-USA and he graciously allowed it .. a big thanks to Jerry for allowing his code to be shared in the template set.

I did a bit of renaming, so the functionality is now in the wxnwsradar*.php set of scripts added 22-May-2020. They use the images from the NWS radar site (http://radar.weather.gov/) and animation by HAnIS (https://www.ssec.wisc.edu/hanis/index.html) for all USA/territories radar. If you are currently using the WU-radar-inc.php with setup in Settings.php, the scripts can just be installed--the config is already done.

Note that this update includes a flyout-menu.xml update to add a link for the wxnwsradar.php page, so I suggest you NOT replace your current copy, but just add the link in your existing copy as you like. The update to WU-radar-inc.php may require you to do a reconfiguration using WU-radar-testpage.php if you haven't installed all the settings in Settings.php

Update via the update tool with a query 22-May-2020, Base-USA, Plugin-*

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