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Re: Weather Trends (wxtrends.php)

Posted: Wed 13 Mar 2019 8:52 pm
by meadowlark
Paul - Success. Here was basically the problem. In the configuration for uploading the CUtags.txt so that it could get processed and uploaded on the server at CUtags.php it wanted the path to the server spelled out. (I thought that I had tried this one before and it did not work).

So, in the Internet configuration & local file name, I put C:\Cumulus\web\CUtags.txt and for the remote file name, I put /public_html/weather/CUtags.php

It wanted that path spelled out, even though I already have /public_html/weather listed on the Sites Option page.

Thanks again for all your input - I have learned a few things in the process and now the site is working as it should.


Re: Weather Trends (wxtrends.php)

Posted: Wed 13 Mar 2019 9:09 pm
by PaulMy