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what is wxcharts.eu?

Discussion of Ken True's web site templates

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what is wxcharts.eu?

Post by aznetcowboy »

Lately I have been getting the following message via my antivirus notifications:

Online Threat Prevention

firefox.exe attempted to establish a connection relying on an unmatching security certificate to wxcharts.eu. We blocked the connection to keep your data safe since the used certificate was issued for a different web address than the targeted one.

What is this and is it really a potential threat? I am using Cumulus version 1.9.4 and the latest Firefox browser. My anti-virus software is Bitdefender. Why am I getting this? Is it coming via something other than Cumulus software?
Tom Wills
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Re: what is wxcharts.eu?

Post by ConligWX »

the issue it that its https certificate is not secure/valid by the looks of it.
Regards Simon

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Re: what is wxcharts.eu?

Post by mcrossley »

Yeah, they've got a certificate for their main domain weatherobs.com and not added the wxcharts.eu domain to the certificate request.
If you got to https://weatherobs.com you get the same page but with a valid certificate.

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