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Saratoga Base-World templates switch to DarkSky forecast before WU API shutdown

Discussion of Ken True's web site templates

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Saratoga Base-World templates switch to DarkSky forecast before WU API shutdown

Post by saratogaWX » Tue 01 Jan 2019 6:48 pm

For all the Base-World template users, make sure you switch to using DarkSky for forecasts before the planned 15-Feb-2019 shutdown of the WeatherUnderground API (at which time your WU-forecast.php scripts will cease operation).

The easiest way to switch is to use the update tool page with a query of Base-World, Plugin-*, 02-Dec-2018 to get all the needed files. Follow the instructions in the included Settings-DarkSky-README.txt file to change your Settings.php to add the DarkSky API key and forecast locations to your site. The ajax-dashboard.php and wxforecast.php scripts have also been updated for DarkSky support.

If you're using the ajax-dashboard6.php, please see this post for details on what to modify. I've also updated the legacy script page with 6.95a of Scott's alternative ajax-dashboard6.php script (just the one file was updated).

WU has revealed the future API replacement and said it would be free for low-volume PWS data submitters to use, but has not offered any API keys for the new API yet -- the new API is INCOMPATIBLE with the existing WU-forecast.php, so you'll have to change to DarkSky.net forecasts before they shut off the old API. I'll try a rewrite of WU-forecast for the new API as soon as keys are available -- right now they're only talking about a 5 day forecast period (instead of the current 7 day forecast). DarkSky provides a 7 day forecast, but only for 24hr periods (so only 7 icons).

I'll keep you posted about developments for the WU API replacement -- in the meantime, DO update your sites to use DarkSky forecasts NOW.

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