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Re: MeteoAdvisory

Posted: Wed 26 Jun 2019 3:47 pm
by HansR
  1. As far as I understand the code, the content in the cache is used if it has not expired. This means, that if there is content in the cache (fetched by e.g. check-fetch-times) it should be used if used within expiry time. That would mean, I would have to see the warning on the page if the cache content is valid. This does not happen at all while sometimes I manage to get valid html in the cache by check-fetch-times.
  2. with 'is not handled correctly' I mean that the warning does not show on the wxadvisory-page if the cache content is valid (see point 1)
  3. KNMI/ has been known to block IP addresses : I am not blocked because I get the info after 60-70 seconds. Both from the PHP-scripts and in my browser. I agree it seems a problem at temis. Might have to do with CDN as you have lightning fast results and I have to wait 60-70 seconds.
  4. I wait for temis first now, then I look again at meteoalarm which may have a similar problem (but I would appreciate it if you could look into point 1 and 2)
Thnx so far.

To be continued (when I have comment back from temis)

Re: MeteoAdvisory

Posted: Wed 26 Jun 2019 4:16 pm
by saratogaWX
Thanks for the elaboration about the issue.

Your Settings.php entry of

Code: Select all

$SITE['EUwarningURL']    = '';
actually points to an area list of zones instead of a specific zone, so the HTML returned from that area list may not be parsed correctly by the script (which was designed for a specific zone). You should pick one of the areas to use for your URL in that setting to have the get-meteoalarm-warning-inc.php script operate properly.

That may be the underlying cause of the issues with display (ignoring the on-again/off-again timeouts to

Re: MeteoAdvisory

Posted: Wed 26 Jun 2019 5:12 pm
by HansR
Aha, indeed. That is solved than.
This single area requirement was not clear to me.
At least we can mark this one as solved. This leaves only the time-outs.

I'll be back with the comment.

Thnx, Hans

Re: MeteoAdvisory

Posted: Sat 27 Jul 2019 11:24 am
by HansR
I still had this open topic to reply to, open already for 4 weeks. Unfortunately did not reply to my question why the delays (which lead to time-outs for us). However the situation has much improved and I have seen no time-outs since roughly three weeks. So the assumption it was on the network side (probably their side) seems to be correct. I have no further problems, everything works fine. Thanks for thinking with me.