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Saratoga Base-USA updated index.php maps

Discussion of Ken True's web site templates

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Saratoga Base-USA updated index.php maps

Post by saratogaWX »

I've added the NWS Regional Radar animated images to replace the (now, non-functioning) Weather Underground Regional Radar images on the homepage just above the ajax-dashboard display.

A new script (USA-regional-maps-inc.php) now generates the table containing the two images (left=NWS Regional Radar, right=WU Regional IR Satellite). It will honor custom graphic display for the left or right image with optional links to detailed pages if you'd prefer to use your own stuff instead of the NWS and/or WU images (like a webcam image or Blitzortung Lightning display). See the README file for more information.

Be careful in the installation, as an updated wxindex.php and Settings.php are included. There's a README file also on how to do MANUAL installation if you'd rather -- the new entries for Settings.php and the change to (wx)index.php are detailed there.
Just upload the new USA-regional-maps-inc.php and you'll be set after a manual installation.

Update from the update tool with query Base-USA, Plugin-*, 10-Jun-2020

Attached is the README file for more info...
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