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Who has a HG-11 2020?

Posted: Tue 21 Apr 2020 9:40 am
by Phil23
I'm constantly curious about this device.

Not so much in relation to accurate measurements, more so for the purpose of knowing it's likely sprinkling outside....

Who has one and what are your thoughts given there have bee no posts here in the last 5ish years.


Re: Who has a HG-11 2020?

Posted: Fri 29 May 2020 2:55 pm
by Fkinell
Hi I have one of these configured to let me know when it's raining. I work in a place with no windows, and it's handy to know if it is, so I can put wet weather gear on before cycling home.

I have only just moved from Cumulus to MX and I am struggling to find anything to say that this works with MX or how to configure if it indeed does.

In Cumulus it was highly reliable and detected the slightest amount of rain instantly. I had it updating my main webpage to show a cloud, with or without raindrops.

Not sure what I will do now if this no longer works..... just get changed in the wet no doubt! :|

Re: Who has a HG-11 2020?

Posted: Fri 29 May 2020 3:10 pm
by bruce45
RG11 works fine with MX when connected and set up as tip bucket

Re: Who has a HG-11 2020?

Posted: Fri 29 May 2020 4:26 pm
by mcrossley
Does it not work as Cumulus 1 - connected to a serial port? All the code is in place for it to work.

Re: Who has a HG-11 2020?

Posted: Fri 29 May 2020 4:47 pm
by bruce45
The RS232 port was an nightmare having to add various components into the wiring. I think Steve just gave up on that method and concentrated on other things. I have mine connected exactly the same way as you would a tip bucket gauge and it works fine. The code might just be left from when this was first tested many years ago.

Forgot to say how many devices have serial ports these days

Re: Who has a HG-11 2020?

Posted: Tue 15 Mar 2022 9:25 pm
by Fkinell
Hi, Struggling here with my RG11.
In MX is there an "IsRaining" equivalent webtag.

I used to be able to reference the #IsRaining webtag which returned a 1 or a 0 and stick it into a src="images/rain<#IsRaining>.bmp" with appropriately named 0.bmp & 1.bmp to show a rain cloud ( or not )

I have searched and experimented for a long time to find out how and where the new format data-cmxdata="IsRaining" equivalent in MX ... but I can't figure this out, let alone how to implement as I did before.

Is this still possible? I basically added this to the end of the Rainfall table header in Cumulus:
<td colspan="4" class="tableseparator_rainfall">Rainfall <img src="images/rain<#IsRaining>.bmp" alt="Rain" width="25" align="right" border="0" height="21" style="margin: 0px 1px" /></td>

And would love to be able to do it again.

(Why? : I work in a windowless office in IT (think IT Crowd) ..not in Web design ..clearly!
I Cycle. I like to know if I need to don my wet weather gear before leaving the office.
Rather than make a total spectacle of myself getting into waterproof leggings, in the rain, trying to balance on one leg ..badly)

Re: Who has a HG-11 2020?

Posted: Tue 15 Mar 2022 10:02 pm
by PaulMy
In MX is there an "IsRaining" equivalent webtag.
Yes, it works in the usual way. I have just created a quick test_webtagsT.txt to be processed

Code: Select all

IsSunny <#IsSunny>
IsRaining <#IsRaining>
IsFreezing <#IsFreezing>
and it is processed and FTP


Re: Who has a HG-11 2020?

Posted: Wed 16 Mar 2022 9:48 pm
by Fkinell
Hi. Good to know ta.

And yet I can not get it to work on the new pages?

<td colspan="4" class="w3-theme-d4">Rainfall </span><#IsRaining></span></td>

The webtag is not processed?

See I have left the offending code in

All references seem to be of the type : data-cmxdata="webtag"

I am outta my depth here, even in these shallow waters. Soz

Re: Who has a HG-11 2020?

Posted: Wed 16 Mar 2022 11:28 pm
by PaulMy
I know very little about the code but the current version of CumulusMX and default website files do not process the xxxx.htm file. Instead, you one-time FTP all the template files in CumulusMX\webfiles\ to your website, including index.htm. Then the current data comes from the updating of the xxxx.json files in your CumulusMX\web folder to your website at your normal interval. These xxxx.json files then populate the xxxx.htm files, like index.htm, on your website whenever the file is called.

Maybe all you need to do is to rename your edited \webfiles\index.htm file and move to your \web folder and rename as indexT.htm and then add it to your Extra web files settings for Process and FTP as index.htm which will then have the IsRaining result as either 0 or 1 after each interval update. Don't know how to change that 0 or 1 to an understandable text though.

I am sure there are much better ways to accomplish what you want.


Re: Who has a HG-11 2020?

Posted: Wed 23 Mar 2022 6:54 pm
by Fkinell
Hi Sorry for late reply.

Thanks for info... if you know "very little about the code" given your reply .. then I am miles behind you somewhere lost lol

I will have a poke about and see if I can get it working. Doubt it somehow.

Thanks for your help