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    Just an upgrade story

    Discussion of Mark Crossley's HTML5/Javascript gauges

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    Just an upgrade story

    Post by drat » Fri 24 Aug 2018 4:59 am

    Thought maybe I'd post a short story of my recent experience with upgrading the Steelseries Gauges from 2.4.2 to 2.7.1.

    My ten year-old Davis VP finally bit the dust so I bought a new one with UV and Solar sensors. The gauges on my website had been flawlessly working for the last five years so I figured I could just enable the options in gauges.js to show the new gauges and that would be it. It didn't work, the gauges still were working but the new ones didn't show up.

    So I decided to update the gauges version. Installed everything in what I thought were the correct places and double-checked all the settings. This time the gauges were definitely broken; not updating and only six of the twelve gauges showed up. I tried just about everything I could think of and nothing was working. I tried an old version of Firefox and everything worked. Back in Chrome I used the F12 in the browser and noticed that the gauges.js showed version 2.4.2. (which would have been much easier to see by looking at the bottom of the gauge page!) So chrome had cached the javascript file and no amount of page reloads would release it. Cleared the browser data in chrome and all is well.

    One of these days I'll learn to check the simple stuff first. Thanks, Mark for your great work on these gauges!

    Paul in AZ


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    Re: Just an upgrade story

    Post by mcrossley » Fri 24 Aug 2018 11:27 am

    You got there in the end, the journey is the learning :lol:

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