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Please stop allways on top

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Please stop allways on top

Post by ruggb » Thu 29 Aug 2013 12:00 pm

I find it VERY aggravating when I boot my computer in the AM and have to wait a LOOONNNGGG time for the Downloading popup to go away since it has an AlwaysOnTop attribute.
Would u mind removing that "feature"?

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Re: Please stop allways on top

Post by steve » Thu 29 Aug 2013 12:45 pm

It's by design. It's supposed to stop you doing anything to Cumulus while it's downloading the logger data. Also, it shouldn't be taking a long time to download the logger data - do you have the Cumulus logger interval and the station logger interval set the same? http://wiki.sandaysoft.com/a/FAQ#Cumulu ... t_start_up

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Re: Please stop allways on top

Post by PaulMy » Thu 29 Aug 2013 2:17 pm

I like to progress popup as it tells me it is working/retreaving, but I don't shut down and restart every day nor do I have Cumulus start automatically - and only takes a few seconds whenever I restart Cumulus with the 10-min logger interval (set the same as the Cumulus data log).