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    Announcing the FAQ and Issue Tracker

    General news concerning announcements of new releases, forum outages etc.
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    Announcing the FAQ and Issue Tracker

    Post by steve » Tue 23 Sep 2008 3:34 pm

    There is now a Cumulus FAQ (in progress) - http://trac.sandaysoft.com/wiki/FAQ and an issue tracking system - http://trac.sandaysoft.com/ which I would like everyone to use from now on to request enhancements and report bugs. You will need to register before you can submit new 'tickets' (this is not the same registration as the forum, sorry). Please check that your problem/enhancement has not already been submitted.

    I am getting more email than I can reasonably cope with, asking for help, reporting bugs, and requesting enhancements, so these two new facilities are an attempt to bring that under control. I'm changing the bug reporting mechanism in the next release of Cumulus so that it no longer offers the option of emailing a bug report, and instead directs you to the issue tracker.

    At the moment, I have enhancement requests scattered across forums, emails, scraps of paper, and this new system will put them all in one place and everyone will be able to see them. I will start copying them over from the forum shortly, but please feel free to start moving your favourites yourselves.

    There will no doubt be a few teething problems with the new system, so please be patient.

    PLEASE NOTE - this is not intended to discourage anyone from emailing me about anything, nor is it intended to discourage discussion of any kind on the forum. But before emailing me, please read the FAQ - and the help file (many of the questions I am asked are answered in there), and search in the forum. If you still can't find your answer then, if possible, post your query in the forum rather than emailing me. And if you simply want to report a bug or request a straightforward enhancement please use the issue tracker.


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