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Cumulus 1.7.16 available

Posted: Mon 01 Sep 2008 3:53 pm
by steve
This version should fix the problems many people have had with direct USB connection to Fine Offset stations. Also new is support of uploads to (aka WeatherForYou and HAMweather).

I've decided to resume development of this version of Cumulus, and put Cumulus 2 on the back burner for now. It was going to take me a long time to get Cumulus 2 to the stage where it was usable, and there are a number of important improvements I want to do in a shorter timescale than that.

The next release will have support for the historical data in the data loggers of Fine Offset stations, and following that will be support for the data loggers in Davis Vantage Pro/Pro2 stations. There will be interim bug-fix releases as necessary.

After that I'll consider adding support for other types of weather stations.