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Cumulus 1.9.0 released

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Cumulus 1.9.0 released

Post by steve » Sat 11 Sep 2010 12:20 pm

Cumulus version 1.9.0 (build 958) is now available from the downloads page.

Changes from 1.8.9:

- new webtags - timehhmmss and currentwdir
- add cloudbase and average wind direction (compass) to realtime.txt
- changed to 'new' Twitter authentication method (OAuth)
- added latitude and longitude to tweets
- Fix date problem with monthly rain record when using 9am rollover
- APRS and wxnow.txt: Represent 0% RH by 1% (zero means 100)
- bug fix: don't use entries more than once when reading FO archive data
- use Cumulus calculated wind speed for wind chill calculation, if that option is selected
- send wind to Wunderground with 1 dp for non-Davis stations
- new web tag - <#newrecord> - 1 if 'new record' light is flashing, 0 if not
- Write UV and Solar Rad to monthly log files
- Make sure to send decimal degrees to Wunderground when temp goes above 100F
- Don't log WU and PWS Weather passwords to debug log
- Option to have forecast updated only once per hour
- [ER 12] Added <#LastRainTipISO> web tag - date/time of last rain gauge tip
- Use an improved Heat Index formula which is valid below humidity of 40%
- Log failed dayfile.txt entry to diags log and flash error light
- Correct Degrees to DMS calculation for some cases
- Fix Twitter timestamp bug which caused '401' failures
- Fix problem in southern hemisphere in previous Twitter fix

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