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    Cumulus 1.8.3 available

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    Cumulus 1.8.3 available

    Post by steve » Thu 20 Nov 2008 6:40 pm

    Changes from 1.8.2:

    - Changed "kph" to "km/h"
    - Changed graphs left axis increment for rainfall in inches
    - Fixed temp/pressure/rain last hour and rate during startup
    - Fixed wind direction offset crash
    - Added 'build' web tag
    - Wunderground 'rapid fire' option
    - 'Close on suspend' option
    - Improved UI responsiveness
    - Support for La Crosse WS2300 range
    - Added creation of wxnow.txt file
    - Fixed display of calibrated wind values
    - Added inside temp and humidity to data log file
    - Added inside temp, inside and outside humidity to select-a-graph
    - Changed default date/times for select-a-graph
    - Changed checking of Fine Offset status byte
    - Swapped positions of Temp Min/Max and Rain Today thumbnails
    - Fixed some problems with VP2 logger data download
    - Attempt to cater for repeated data line at Fine Offset startup
    - Corrected display of 'yesterday' calibrated rain
    - Changed due north bearing from zero to 360 degrees
    - Added extra diagnostics for Wunderground update
    - Encoded space in Wunderground string correctly
    - Added two new graphs, and average temp to min/max graph
    - Fixed problem where data logs don't get created on first run (Oregon only)
    - Fixed windchill calculation for data from Davis logger
    - Allow for calibration in wind chill, dew point, and heat index
    - 'Calculate wind chill' option
    - Use calibrated pressure in all-time records etc
    - Added support for xAP Home Automation weather reports
    - Added option to generate weather forecasts

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