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Cumulus 1.8.8 available

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Cumulus 1.8.8 available

Post by steve »

Version 1.8.8 (build 881) is now available from the downloads section: http://sandaysoft.com/downloads

Changes from 1.8.7:

- Added comparison of day length with tomorrow (and web tag)
- Handle (by ignoring) errors from creation of moon bitmap
- Added <#nextwindindex> web tag (see help)
- Improved layout slightly on smaller displays
- Added option to periodically disconnect realtime ftp
- Fix heat index for temp under 80F or humidity under 40%
- Fix spurious extra entry on end of <#wdirdata> and <#wspddata>
- Add error code to ftp connect error message
- Added 'This Period' screen (see 'View' menu)
- Fixed crash caused by default value when pressure calibration box is cleared
- Added 'save as PNG' to Select-A-Graph
- Added Heat Index to data log, outside temp graph, and Select-A-Graph
- Added wind chill and dew point to Select-A-Graph
- Added ability to display multiple parameters on Select-A-Graph
- Option to display Humidex instead of Heat Index on main screen
- ftp upload is now in a separate thread to improve UI performance
- Changed Wunderground upload to send 'latest' wind speed not average
- Added tray icon 'tooltip' with wind speed and temperature
- Changed code for closing data log, and added warning if not written
- Fix bug where first rapid fire Wunderground update could contain zeroes
- Fix bug where having 'this period' window open causes failure to write data log
- Ignore humidity of zero on Fine Offset and LaCrosse stations
- Fix forecasts for high pressure extremes
- Allow WMR928 etc extra sensor to act as main temp sensor (ini file setting)
- Fix very high wind speeds on Fine Offset
- Fix filtering of zero humidity
- Fix occasional display of dashes for sunset in some timezones
- Correctly log http response codes in debug log
- Changed scale label intervals on wind speed gauge
- Correct 1-minute average temp being deg C when using data from Fine Offset logger
- Fix pressure trend used in forecast, if units are inHg
- Added 'FCPressureThreshold' ini-file entry to control forecast generation
- Increased size of input boxes on all-time record editor
- Fix problem where inside temp graph colour setting was lost over a restart
- Fix problem where wind direction graph colour setting was lost over a restart
- Allow average wind direction graph colour to be changed
- Make sure dew point is still calculated when humidity 100%
- As above, but for 'live' data as well as logger data!
- Fix switching off of all-time records LEDs
- added ability to configure/translate forecast strings via strings.ini
- Fix to allow WMR928 users to use Cumulus forecast
- Added more strings to strings.ini
- Added two new realtime.txt items and web tags - forecastnumber and isdaylight
- Truncate custom tweets at 140 characters
- Allow thickness of chart legend symbols to be configured
- Added 'max wind speed' option for La Crosse (via cumulus.ini setting)
- Select-A-Graph now has gust as well as peak gust
- Added temp/pressure trends to strings.ini
- Correct colours of web wind direction graph
- Stop tray icon appearing when 'minimise to tray' not selected
- Fix 'waxing gibbous' strings.ini setting name
- Average temp calculation using logger data now uses calibrated value
- Added new web tags to correct trend arrows on javascript gauges
- Fix average wind and gale days on 'This period' display
- Round time to previous log interval when asking for VP logger data, to avoid Davis bug
- Make sure first wind and temp readings have been made before calculating wind chill

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