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Cumulus MX source code available for download

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Cumulus MX source code available for download

Post by steve » Wed 31 Oct 2018 9:01 pm

I have zipped up the Cumulus MX source code and added it to the downloads on this server (as well as the binary distribution for MX). Ken has created a download page in the wiki which also includes the MX release but and the source code.

The source code is yours to do whatever you wish with. The code is not actually very good (I'd have got the sack if I'd produced this at work) partly because of the way it was cobbled together form various sources: some of it is new code, some of it was taken from Cumulus 2, some of it is from stuff I found on the web, and a lot of it is machine-translated from Cumulus 1 (Cumulus 1 was Pascal, MX is mainly C#).

The source level is build 3043 plus a few changes that I had done towards build 3044.

I'm sorry but I cannot offer any help with the source code, you're on your own. Good luck!

The download page on this server: http://sandaysoft.com/
The download page in the wiki: https://cumuluswiki.wxforum.net/a/Software (Use this one in preference)

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