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Cumulus support ending, forum closing

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Cumulus support ending, forum closing

Post by steve »

After 15 years of developing and supporting Cumulus in its various forms, I have decided that it is time for me to stop. The forum will therefore be closing in the next few weeks. Thank you to everyone for your loyalty, kind words, and help over the years.

I will make the SQL database for the forum available for download once it closes. I will make the SQL database for the wiki available for download.

I will look into making the source code for Cumulus MX available for download, but I cannot give any timescales for this. I cannot make the source code for Cumulus 1 available.

This server will cease to exist, so those of who use it for hosting your web sites, please start to make arrangements to move your site elsewhere, as soon as possible, but by the end of November at the latest. I will attempt to contact you all by email or private message, in case you do not see this post. I will refund any current hosting fees, pro-rata, on request to steve@nybbles.co.uk


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