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    Post by dazza1223 » Mon 03 Apr 2017 8:55 am

    hi all i have my webcam setup but erver so offen the webpage refresh and it ony got half as it will be in the middle of writing the jpg to a directory when the ajax refresh occurs, so instead of displaying a broken image

    so here the js
    file var t_webcam = 1 // interval in seconds
    image_webcam = "/images/webcam.jpg" //name of the image
    function Start_webcam() {
    tmp_webcam = new Date();
    tmp_webcam = "?"+tmp_webcam.getTime()
    document.images["refreshwebcam"].src = image_webcam+tmp_webcam
    setTimeout("Start_webcam()", t_webcam*1000)
    Have fun and keep learning

    dazza :D


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