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    Rain on the window..

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    Rain on the window..

    Post by snapper » Thu 31 Jul 2014 9:47 pm


    Just thought I would pass on a tip for those using a webcam behind an exterior window (or in a glass fronted exterior case).

    Rainx is a glass treatment for cars that causes rain drops to form beads and roll off much quicker and in an inspired moment, I tried some on my webcam case glass window.
    Works very well - I no-longer get beads of water forming, can even see the water run off the glass in video streaming mode!

    www.rainx.co.uk is the one I used (from Halfords), but i'm sure there are other makes.

    I have no link to the product manufacturers or anything, just something that others may find useful...



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    Re: Rain on the window..

    Post by captzero » Thu 31 Jul 2014 10:32 pm

    Have used the wipes to coat the inside funnel surface of the davis VP2 rain gauge. Allows for quicker bucket tip for small amounts of percipitation like 'misty' rain.


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