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Re: SebecTec webcam with time-lapse software

Posted: Thu 04 Jan 2018 4:00 pm
by BeaumarisWX
Hi Brad,
Sorry about late reply, been flat out matey.
Appreciate your offer and will contact you at some stage no doubt.
Where I have got to so far, revamped the original display I posted earlier and now that I have 7 Days worth of reasonable Videos up added the new page to my menu at ... elapse.php.

I ended up turning to the Dark Side on the final Display, may change not sure (feedback appreciated).
I am also not sure if I should increase the time overall (increasing the quality output) though I tend to lean towards watching an entire day go by quickly and move on rather that sit for what some times seems an eternity when watching some Time-Lapse videos to the point I stop them and move on before they complete.
Kind Regards,