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Re: Highcharts Graphs

Posted: Fri 01 Mar 2013 11:00 am
by gemini06720
Dan, I use two software that provide the facilities of the Cumulus Toolbox plus.

The most used software is Super Flexible Software Syncovery - it allows me to backup all my data (bi-directional copy), not only on my personal computer, but also between all computers on my home/office network and between all computers on my home/office network and all my online web servers - flexible yet complex and very powerful.

And my second software (really used as much) is Splinterware Software Solutions System Scheduler Professional - this is more of a 'Task Scheduler' replacement but with a lot more flexibility.

Both provide me with the flexibility that I need, including the generation of simulated CRON jobs on both my personal and my home/office servers.

Re: Highcharts Graphs

Posted: Mon 04 Mar 2013 11:36 pm
by JennyLeez
After following this topic and with help from Arthur I have finally managed to to get both the Near time Graph and the historic graphs functioning although I need to tweak my layout some.

I just wanted to say thank you mark, these are really neat :)


Re: Highcharts Graphs

Posted: Tue 05 Mar 2013 12:21 am
by JennyLeez
water01 wrote:Well I disagree. I have Cumulus Toolbox installed on both Windows XP and Windows 7 and it does everything it says it does perfectly correctly, and has never missed a beat. It is a very reliable program.
I agree, I have been running the Toolbox since it was made available. It has been nothing but reliable and I use it to upload many files during the day especially those that are only uploaded once.

Re: Highcharts Graphs

Posted: Wed 13 Mar 2013 8:51 am
by mcrossley
Going wayyy back to the historic Highcharts graphs ;) I had 5 mins to spare and added monthly average temperatures by year, and added station averages to both that and the monthly rain by year graphs - both pretty easy to set up. ... Graphs.htm

Re: Highcharts Graphs

Posted: Thu 14 Mar 2013 2:47 am
by gwheelo
I still haven't put a 'package' together - it's on the to-do list...
Do you have a target time frame - notice I did not use the term "date". ;)


Re: Highcharts Graphs

Posted: Fri 15 Mar 2013 8:20 am
by Palmyweather
After playing around with the HighChart concept for a few weeks now, something I feel that is missing is the ability to be able to select an area of chart and zoom in on it (using a mouse click).

Does anyone know if this is possible to implement? I feel this would finish the concept off very well.

EG: If the Real-Time HighCharts were set to display 12 hours of data and the user wanted to see a closer view of a rapid temperature change, that user could select the area of chart and have it zoom in to see this data more clearly.

This could also be useful with the historic graphs too.

Just a thought.

Re: Highcharts Graphs

Posted: Fri 15 Mar 2013 10:36 am
by mcrossley
Zooming is indeed possible, take a look at this demo...

You just need to add a config parameter, zoom type.

Re: Highcharts Graphs

Posted: Sat 16 Mar 2013 6:13 am
by Palmyweather
Wow, that was really simple to set up. For anyone else who may be interested, it was just a matter of adding zoomType: 'x' to the chart parameter within the .js file.

Code: Select all

  chart: {
                renderTo: 'container',
                zoomType: 'x'
Thank you for the link on how to do this.

Re: Highcharts Graphs

Posted: Sun 17 Mar 2013 12:29 pm
by kingqueen
I'd be very grateful for any help anybody can offer.

I've got the highcharts installed on my website. The problem is, it usually just displays a blank chart. For a while, it showed the data, but then it stopped again.

I removed it from my website, deleted all the files (highcharts directory, realtimeCumulus.js, realtimeLogParser.php, and the test webpage realtimeCumulus.htm, realtimelog.txt) and tried again. Last night I reinstalled everything, and the only thing I changed from the default was to alter realtimeCumulus.js to point at realtimelog.txt as generated by the Cumulus toolbox.

I am getting a blank chart again:


Here's the chart, the javascript, the real time log.

Any hints / help very gratefully received! Thank you!

Re: Highcharts Graphs

Posted: Sun 17 Mar 2013 1:11 pm
by beteljuice
I changed from the default was to alter realtimeCumulus.js to point at realtimelog.txt
That is NOT the same as realtime.txt ;)

Re: Highcharts Graphs

Posted: Sun 17 Mar 2013 1:15 pm
by nitrx
This script doesn't use the realtime.txt I think Betel

Re: Highcharts Graphs

Posted: Sun 17 Mar 2013 1:22 pm
by nitrx
kingqueen wrote: Any hints / help very gratefully received! Thank you!
Your realtimeLogParser.php shows an error Failed to open log file.No valid data types supplied..

Re: Highcharts Graphs

Posted: Sun 17 Mar 2013 1:42 pm
by kingqueen
nitrx wrote:Your realtimeLogParser.php shows an error Failed to open log file.No valid data types supplied..
Thank you! That's done it. I had stupidly not thought I would have to alter both JS files to point to the name of the log file.


Re: Highcharts Graphs

Posted: Sun 17 Mar 2013 1:50 pm
by nitrx

Re: Highcharts Graphs

Posted: Sun 17 Mar 2013 4:23 pm
by jachym
Hi guys,

first of all, I looked at some of your websites and they are absolutely amazing, especially the one from mcrossley.

Now, I have a WH1080 at home and have been using cumulus since I got it and am absolutely satisfied with it. However, because I am a bit of a "statistics geek" I like to do all sorts of various data calculations graphs etc. The possibilities in Cumulus itself were in this perspective not enough for me. So what I did is I imported all the data into Excel and made various sheets that displayed graphs for individual months, days, maximum values, monthly comparisons etc.
I mostly used the graphs that are integrated into Excel, pivot tables etc.
However, it has now been more than a year that I log the data and I realized excel was not the ideal....
OK, first, very important thing. My computer is not constantly on and I do not run it as a server - this means I log the data into the station memory and approximately once a week I download all the data from the station, which means I do not really need to display (and even cannot) the real-time conditions.
The reason why I dont want to use excel any more is that you can probably imagine what the problem is..... Every time I add data to the data sheet I must also change all the formulae, cell ranges etc.... For example if I want to display lets say last 6 months, there is really no way to do this in excel other than specifically defining the cell ranges etc.

Now, in the past I have done some simple webpages and I have learnt javascript. Therefore I thought, well, it would be nice if I could somehow use a script to generate all these things - to use the previous example, it would not be a problem to make a script that would get the current date and month and simply get data from a database for last 6 months etc.

So I started to do some research and found HighCharts, which I thought would be great to use. There was however the problem that I had no idea how to get the data from the folder on my computer in a text file (cumulus logs) to the actual graphs on a webpage...
Then I found this post and realized that you guys have exactly what I was looking for, especially I love mcrossley's page.
My question therefore is.... I understand it is probably a long-term thing for me to learn, but.... what exactly should I do.... where to start? If I understand it correctly, I need the data in a MySQL database, so I would have to learn how to use that (but that probably wont be so difficult I already looked at it a bit), then I need a server - thats not a problem, I already have a personal webpage and MySQL is supported by the provider.
But how do I then put it all together..... As I said, I dont assume anyone to write all the scripts for me, I just would very much appreciate help with what exactly I should learn and where to start.... and the one thing I still am not sure about is whether this would all work without the real-time function - all your websites are constantly updated automatically. In my case I would add the data into the database in a batch lets say once every week, but I just need to be able to then display the data witouht having to rewrite all the data ranges, formulae, etc. like I have to now in Excel. Plus the other thing is, for example I want to have a comparison of January 2011, 2012, ... so I had a graph in excel with the defined ranges... and now when I also have data for 2013 I had to manually add another column... well I guess you know what I mean...

Thanx very much in advance for any tips, I just really don't know where to start