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Re: Cumulus RealTime Data Grabber - Tool

Posted: Wed 01 Apr 2015 12:53 pm
by Solorize
Hi Krimatic,

Sorry I've only just seen your post, as have not been checking the forum
as much recently.

In answer to your first question:
Yes, what you have done by editing the updateinterval.txt file is a
work around to get an interval other then the pre-set ones I have
set up within the program.

In answer to your second question:
The program does not have a realtime.txt log file, it will only let you save
a copy of the realtime.txt file at the present time i.e. a snapshot.

Which can be accessed via the 'Additional tools' menu then 'SAVE: realtime.txt'
as shown in the screen capture below.
I may look at implementing this in a future update. But currently I am flat out
with other things and unfortunately do not have the free time to code.



Re: Cumulus RealTime Data Grabber - Tool

Posted: Thu 02 Apr 2015 4:28 pm
by krimatic
Hi Mark,

thanks for replying.
I would appreciate to have option like realtimelog but with update frequency defined in seconds (as you know Cumulus can produce log every minute, Cumulus Toolbox can read every realtime.txt but create realtimelog.txt in minutes and it's not so frendly and easy to change options).

Well, for now I (at least) have values from every measurement, so I will not miss any wind gust:)