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Moon states - I'm stuck

Discussion and support for 3rd-party (non-Sandaysoft) tools for Cumulus
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Moon states - I'm stuck

Post by kelspein »

Hi all,

I'm stuck. I have a set of icons that cover the moon phase, they number 0-29, 0 being dark and 29 approaching dark again, with 15 as full moon.

I've seen a few sets that use that numbering and it makes sense after reading what they had to say about moon phases at wikipedia.

I need to find a way to get a number from 0-29 or 1-30 out of cumulus.

I'm using (Serious) Samurize to make an info panel on my desktop (yes, it does work on Win764 bitSP1!, installer has an issue but using vista SP2 compatability mode sorts the installer out.)

It looks like this so far:


I can grab my data for it all from my website by using a Samurize plugin called page scraper, and it was all going pretty well until I hit this problem (well, that and the Zambretti descriptions).

I don't think there is a a webtag to produce the 0-29 or 1-30 number as far as I could discover.

Right now I don't code any more, and I'd quite like it to stay that way, as I seriously burned out on that stuff more than a decade ago.

What's the easiest way to get that 30 integer range I need?

It's so so with 8 icons used and named suitably, but it could be so much better if I could use the whole lot.

Ideas anyone?

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Re: Moon states - I'm stuck

Post by sfws »

There are a number of people who have implemented their own moon pictures. Andy (Big Daddy on this forum) (aka 'Andy9164' on 'Weather_by_you' forum) created nearly 500 images (2 sets to choose one set from) I believe using the web tag returning positive and negative percentages to select an image. Brian ( BCJKiwi on this forum) created 18 images, I believe using the moon phase web tag to workout which to display. You say you were planning on using moon phases, but you seem to be requiring more than Cumulus reports.

Neither of these match the number of images you plan to use, but maybe you could use moon age web tag.

However, both Cumulus 1 and Cumulus MX do produce their own images. In both cases an image of a full moon is the starting point. In Cumulus 1 this is overlaid by masks and in MX some clever System Drawing hides the unwanted portions. Thus I am a little unsure why you want to "reinvent the wheel"? Especially as you say "i don't code any more"
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Re: Moon states - I'm stuck

Post by beteljuice »

Webtag <#MoonAge> returns a value 0 > 29 ;)
There are also % tags available, but not moonphase degrees.
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