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CumulusToolbox & MX

Posted: Sat 18 Mar 2017 6:21 am
by Phil23
I've been searching & it seems some are using Toolbox with MX.

Is that possible?

I've found an updated Cumuluswebtags.txt; It's processing Ok to the MX directory...
I have toolbox on a different PC, so it can alert me if the weather PC stops.

Ini file is set to "\\WEATHER-PC\CumulusMX\Cumulus.ini"
but it doesn't seem to like the php being set to "\\WEATHER-PC\CumulusMX\Cumuluswebtags.php"

I assume the option to check the process is running won't work due to different process names,
but can't find any up to date threads stating whether MX & Toolbox will work together or not.

Can anyone tell we if they do work or not?