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    For discussion of DIY weather equipment - sensors, accessories, improvements to existing kit etc
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    Post by ZK-BOB » Tue 03 Jul 2018 6:40 am

    What a lot of fun this is!!
    I have had my weather station for several years now, but didnt have any idea on how to share my data. Luckily, I actually HAVE a friend who made a passing comment and the light dawned.

    The outside stuff is the generic stuff one buys as part of a kit from Amazon, of little interest, its just the standard stuff.
    The inside bit,,, Ahhh now THATS different.

    about 12 years ago, I bought a Toshiba A300 laptop.
    Like all these things, and Toshiba is (IMHO) one of the best lappys around, even THAT eventually suffered at the hands of Loki.
    It fell off the Kitchen bench and killed itself.
    Whats inside this thing? a large SSD, lots of memory and a motherboard that had let all the smoke out when the rapid earthward acceleration stopped. Ohhhh and a seriously beautiful Samsung monitor about 4mm thick
    I minute with my friend Amazon and winging its way to me,
    Actually, they use small dinghies and a very oldseagull towing it.
    Eventually a video driver board arrived. cost to me in New Zealand was $NZ26-00

    I have a Latte Panda doing very little, running Windows 10 23 bit 2 G Mem.

    All up cost?
    $2200 for the laptop
    $110 Latte Panda
    #145 Weather station Equipment

    See photo below


    Ok, its ugly. but the ONLY criteria is DOES IT WORK?

    the results can be seen here..... http://flybywires.net/webfiles/

    Regards etc to you all

    Learn something every day, if you don't, you have wasted a day.
    You might as well have spent it sleeping.


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    Re: Repurposing

    Post by philcdav » Sat 13 Oct 2018 11:04 am

    Hi Bob. Phil (G0DOR) in Liverpool, UK here
    Just read your post and had to comment :D

    I have had my wx set up since 2008 and up till last month it ran on a HP laptop 18 years old.
    The unit did have a 2.5 hard drive retro fitted (ide to SATA) and the screen was full of vertical 'bad' lines but ran like a dream.
    I do any views over the website


    Networked to the router by cable its been a real treat to work with.
    The only reason for scrapping it was a couple of spares were thrown at me. 2 Toshiba laptops and an iPad.

    So, sadly its on its way to recycling.

    Was over in Hamilton last Feb but only a quick visit. Plan to return in Jan 19 but for 3 months this time.
    Please can you order some nice weather please?
    Regards - Phil
    Phil - G0DOR

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    Re: Repurposing

    Post by uncle_bob » Sat 13 Oct 2018 10:31 pm

    Ever since I saw those Latte Panda I wanted to try running WeatherDuino on it :)
    Interested in building your own Weather Station? Maybe check out the WeatherDuino Pro Project Here
    Conder, Canberra Weather

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