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    WH2080 hangs up and memory lockup

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    WH2080 hangs up and memory lockup

    Post by mtekieli » Tue 27 Feb 2018 11:01 am

    Dear all,

    I need your help since my weather station WH2080 stopped working correctly. I noticed that a short time before failure some oscilations occured in the temperature, pressure and humidity charts - you can see it in the atteched file.

    After that, my station can't work properly longer than few hours. Sometimes connection between PC and the station hangs up after only one or two readings (5-10 mins). I've readed the topic about USB lockup but anything there can't help me. In my case memory round chart on the console never fills up and the highest value of readings before hang up I've reached is about 150. Now it's at most 10. I've also disabled "suspending USB devices in windows". Beforte this failure my station have worked correctly for 3 years. I've tried to change the batteries in the console and in the outdoor sensor but without luck. BTW connection between station and the outdoor sensor works fine till the hang up.

    Can you please tell where can look for the source of this problem? I will be grateful for any help.

    Best regards!
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    Re: WH2080 hangs up and memory lockup

    Post by AllyCat » Wed 28 Feb 2018 11:52 am


    Welcome to the forum. You might find more information in the Fine Offset section of the forum.

    Maybe you have a (new) local Radio Frequency Interference problem, or maybe the station (Console or more usually the Transmitter) has become faulty (not that uncommon with these low cost stations).

    I'm not clear if you're fully resetting the Console, but the "memory pie chart" will normally take a long time to fill up anyway. But you could temporarily use Steve's "Setlogger Utility" (in the Downloads section) to reduce the logging interval of the Console to 1 minute, to check if data is being stored.

    Personally, I would start by disconnecting the USB cable and testing purely the Transmitter/Console. Is Temperature, Humidity , Wind and Rain data being received reliably (no dashes on the Console)? Note that pressure is measured within the Console. With the 2080 you don't need to remove the Console batteries to "synchronise" to the Transmitter, you can hold in the <down arrow> button for at least 8 seconds.

    Cheers, Alan.

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    Weather Station: WH2080
    Operating System: Windows 10

    Re: WH2080 hangs up and memory lockup

    Post by mtekieli » Sat 03 Mar 2018 9:42 pm

    Thank you very much for your help AllyCat.

    I didn't know about "Setlogger Utility". I've downloaded it and set recording interval for 1 minute but without luck. My station have worked couple of hours, I've seen that memory chart is filling up but after 5, maybe 6 hours recording has stopped.

    Interesting thing is that when I push button "arrow down" for 8 seconds as you said, my station can update outdoor temperature, outdoor humidity and wind/gust speed but it can't update indoor temperature and indoor humidity... Connection between console and outdoor sensor is set up very fast (20-30 seconds).

    What can I add is that I think it can't be USB problem since the station is now disconeccted from PC and powered by batteries.

    I've read similar topics once again but any solution didn't help :|

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    Re: WH2080 hangs up and memory lockup

    Post by ConligWX » Sun 04 Mar 2018 5:07 pm

    FO stations are known for lockups. adding a "Powered" USB Hub can help and so can a USB cable with Ferrite cores on each end. and changing to a better cable may help too. you are however better to use a PC to power the console rather than batteries alone.

    Also since you using Windows 10.

    disable Hibernation
    disable Power management on USB devices (in device manger)
    make sure your Power scheme is set for High Performance.

    How far is your Weather station from your Console, and is there any serious radio interference nearby, walls, transmitters etc.
    Regards Simon

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