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Design wind speed sensor's algorith

For discussion of DIY weather equipment - sensors, accessories, improvements to existing kit etc
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Design wind speed sensor's algorith

Post by vagyver »

Hello, i am tring to understand if my DIY wind sensor is ok concerning number of samples, times etc

The wind direction sensor makes a measurement every 2 secs.
When it gets 5 measurements (it will take 10 secs to complete) then it does a trigonometry calculation and makes the trigonometry average.

During the same 10 secs (the whole 10 secs), a microcontroller interrupt is used to count the rotations of wind speed sensor. After the 10 secs, i just make a simple averaging for the wind speed. I don't export wind gust.
And after the 10 secs and the above calculation is sends the values (with the rest values) to the indoor units.

So, is something that i haven't take into account here? Is my labove ogic correct?
Does someone know what are the professional weather stations's calculations?
What should i do with wind direction when there is zero wind speed (Beaufort=0)? (in this case the wind direction sensor is still at the last position). Should i display none or the current wind direction?

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