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Highcharts 'Recent' graphs

Other discussion about creating web sites for Cumulus that doesn't have a specific subforum

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Re: Highcharts 'Recent' graphs

Post by malmeida »

I don´t understand because:
- the ergo slash is the same in date_delimiter of the importPHP script and in realtime.txt
- I don't find how to adjust the minus sign in importPHP script.

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Re: Highcharts 'Recent' graphs

Post by nitrx »

This is an extract of my import.php

Code: Select all

$field_delimiter = ';';
$date_delimiter = '-';
$date_format = 'DMY'; //or MDY or YMD
$decimal_separator = '.';
$compassp = array('N','NNO','NO','ONO','O','OZO','ZO','ZZO','Z','ZZW','ZW','WZW','W','WNW','NW','NNW');
You should adjust the values and signs that repesents your realtime.txt
It's an old sceipt ver 2.1 - 29/03/13, by Mark Crossley maybe you've another one...

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