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Using Google's Weather API to extract data

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Using Google's Weather API to extract data

Post by uncle_bob » Sun 23 Oct 2011 2:41 am

Has anyone used the Google weather API to return info to feed into Cumulus?
Since the Metar info isn't really that great, I'd like to this to get the current conditions back and save it to the file "currentconditions.txt" for import into Cumulus.

Googling this up seems everyone's using PHP, or some other over my head scripting. Does anyone know how to do this in a simple way, such as a bat file? Any hints. tips or tricks welcome. In the meantime I'll keep wading thru googles results :(

Cheers Bob

Edit: It appears that google actually pulls this data from Weather Underground, so I'm now investigating WU API. Still banging my head against a wall trying to find an easy way to write it to the currentconditions.txt file though.
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