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NOAA Reports

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NOAA Reports

Post by tmabell »

A recent audit of my website found a few problems. The one I cannot figure out began about a year ago (Feb 14, 2020), On that day the Noaa-Reports script (http://saratoga-weather.org/scripts-NOA ... NOAAtxtPHP) stopped updating on a daily basis. I found that it would display the first day of each month from that point on. This behavior can be illustrated by visiting my page here https://mymishawakaweather.com/CF6_MISH ... 2020&mo=02

The odd thing that I noticed was that the entire monthly report can be viewed by using the Cumulus Menu.
Menu>view>NOAA Monthly Reports
This file is obviously not being uploaded to my website daily as it should be. It seems to upload once per month at the end of day one. I'm certain that the script is working as it should and nothing in my Cumulus settings have changed in years so I am at a loss as to why this problem occurred suddenly.

EDIT: I am using Version 1.9.4 with the March 2019 patch applied. Also, I just ran wxstatus.php and found this:

Cumulus weather data NOT Current 448336:36:09 > 0:05:15
Wed, 31-Dec-1969 7:00pm EST
Cumulus NOAA report NOT Current 491:36:01 > 24:10:00
Tue, 02-Feb-2021 12:00am EST

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