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iCumulus with a Highchart chart

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iCumulus with a Highchart chart

Post by fgruhlke »

Hello all! I have borrowed the work from the past by David A Jamieson and then updated by John Reynolds for the iCumulus for iPhone web template as a basis for my site.. here is a link to my site under construction:

http://deeracersweather.atwebpages.com/#_home ( I removed the code for the charts as I could not get it to work)

I have also managed to get a HighCharts graph to display and update using the Cumulus Tool Box to manage the data uploads in another folder on my web server here is a link to that page:

http://deeracersweather.atwebpages.com/ ... index.html

What I am struggling with is getting the Chart to display from my "Home Page" .. I tried a couple different ways including a flat out link to the working HTML page but cant seem to find the missing code to make the chart part of my over all project..

Any sugestions on where to go next?? I would really have the code for the charts all in my original HTML doc rather then linking to a separate page if possible..

Thanks ahead of time!!!

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