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A Little Day / night Chart Revisited ...

Other discussion about creating web sites for Cumulus that doesn't have a specific subforum

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A Little Day / night Chart Revisited ...

Post by beteljuice » Tue 08 Jan 2019 10:18 pm

The betejuice has been playing with the 'little day night chart' and the banner style one.

To create a mouse-over 'pop-up' with legend. The only way to demonstrate is within a page, so .....
Here's a demo on a dummy site, but I've made it so that you can customise to your own requirements and download all the necessary / modified files :shock:

Demo / Configurater

The DEMO / 'configurator' should work with M$ IE, If you can't remember where you live it will take a best guess at lat / lon / city - once you have set anything it will remember you for a week, because you may be back to 'tweak'.

  • You get TWO daylight hours graphics which can be used as stand-alones
    The code is customised for you so you don't need PHP / coding knowledge
    If you want a mouse-over popup you can put it where you want and the code is provided for you
    .... and so on ...
'tis a plaything and should be accepted as is ....
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